HBO NOW, the standalone streaming service of HBO, allows you to access all HBO's commercial video content without a TV package. You can watch every episode of Game of Thrones, True Detective and Girls as well as hundreds of other exclusive movies.

Although there are many streaming services available, few networks have chosen to go the HBO route. HBO launched HBO Max last Spring, a direct to consumer video service that allows you to access all your favorite HBO shows and many more not included in the regular HBO package.

HBO Max has something for everyone, from pre-schoolers to teenagers to adults. It offers a variety of series, competition shows and documentaries, as well as animated and scripted series. There are also movies and animations for children and adults. This is also the first step towards a complete overhaul of HBO's business model. Consumers now have to decide how they will access premium streaming content from HBO Max and whether the bonuses content is worth the effort.

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